Datum is a group of investment companies, owned by Mr. Jan Haudemann-Andersen, with approximately NOK 6 billion under management.

The group consists of the following companies:

Datum AS
Datum Invest AS
Datum Vekst AS
Datum Eiendom AS
Datum Opportunity AS
Trojan AS


Datum has a twofold investment strategy, with active ownership and long-term investments as its core. The group also manage a fair part of its total assets in liquid investments, including listed stocks, commodities and foreign exchange. Datum believe in finding long term macrotrends and make investments that matches these trends.

Jan Haudemann-Andersen

Owner & Chairman

He has been a private investor and founder of a number of companies for more than 40 years. He is currently a board member in Vaccibody AS.

Harald Arnet


Harald holds a master degree from University of Denver and London Business School and has more than 30 years of experiencein national and international finance, industrial and financial investments. Harald holds several board positions in listed and non-listed companies, including Kahoot! AS, NRC AS, Base Eiendom AS and several companies within the Datum group.

phone: +47 908 44 066

Kyrre Høidalen


Joined Datum in 2006, and before that worked 13 years as an auditor with Deloitte in Oslo and London. Kyrre holds a MBA degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and is a State Authorized Public Accountant in Norway. Kyrre is a board member in several companies within the Datum Group.

phone: +47 951 93 985

Magnus Lund-Roland

Financial Analyst

Magnus has been with Datum since 2015. He holds a Master of Science in Financial Economics and a Bachelor of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School. Prior to his time at Datum, he took part in several venture projects in Norway and Europe. He currently represents Datum as a board member in MeaWallet AS.

phone: +47 901 11 889

Nina Bøe Jacobsen

Office Manager

Nina has been with Datum since 1995. Before Datum Nina was working for Chemical Bank Norway.

phone: +47 915 40 945

Jan Petter Jørgensen

Personal Assistant

phone: +47 958 81 884

Datum AS
Munkedamsveien 45 F
8th floor
0250 Oslo

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